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Lust AZ Events

We look forward to seeing you at our events!

The Palace (a.k.a. Palacio)

The Palace (aka Palacio) is located on the grounds of the Hilton Phoenix Resort at the Peak. The Palacio is a multilevel venue that is private, secluded and steps away from our block of suites.

Lust AZ Wet Wednesday Westside Meet N Greet


6:30pm – Close

Dave & Buster’s 

9460 West Hanna Lane Glendale

The 2nd “Dare to be Noticed” Meet N Greet! Cheers to the Arizona LS community! It’s waking up and coming together!

The Attendees this Wednesday are sexy, smart and many, so once again we are gonna have a blast!

What to expect:

A Sexy Mid-Week Meet “N” Greet- Wednesday- August 31st, 2022 @ 6:30pm.

Meet up with people you know, and others you WANT to know! 😉🔥😈💋❤️

We encourage you to invite your other LS friends too!

And yes….we encourage you to bring any of your newbie, vanilla or curious friends, they will be in great company!

Afraid to bring Newbies, Vanilla or your curious friends???

Our Lust AZ hosts would spend as much time with, comfort, answer questions and simply help them understand what the LS community provides for all of us! With our host’s wisdom, they will rid any of the stuff they may have assumed or heard about! You know as well as I, after that they will be members for life!

LS- 101
Community basic standards and guidelines:

Peace, Love, Unity and Respect with a Safe, Non-Judgmental zone allowing us individually to grow!

The LS keeps us on a path to stay healthy, well groomed, nicely dressed, manners and a continued positive life outlook on others as well as, within ourselves, additionally, a stern watch on honesty, transparency to your partner! And the opportunity to bonding with like-minded others and the acceptance/allowance for you to be open and as free as you wanna be!



Developing relationships, sexual exploration and education with the ability to pursue your fantasies and desires! Hallelujah! 🤣🤣🤣

We welcome all! All welcomes us! ❤️❤️❤️

6:30pm – Close

Dave & Buster’s 

9460 West Hanna Lane Glendale

The last Wet Wednesday turnout exceeded our expectations!

You won't wanna miss this one....... We'd love to see you there!!

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Lust AZ Zoodinism Party


8:00pm – 2:00am

The Palace – Phoenix

Lust AZ Lifestyle Parties – Phoenix Arizona – Saturday September 10th at the upscale centrally located private venue “The Palace”.

Lust AZ Presents: (Inspired by our Community Member and WINNER Liza Mark )


No need to go to Hedonism when its right here in your back yard!
Arizona follow your animal instincts….. we’ve unleashed your beast!
This is 1 of the 2 final events of the year for you to gather your herd and roam the Palace plains.
Your season is narrowing. Your wild thirst is increasing, continue your prowl, catch your prey, get to know all the new like-minded animals in your kingdom!
Roam free and comfortable, satisfy your hunger, while dressed for the occasion in your wildest animal like wear or put on those sexy heels and nothing but animal style body paint applied over your smooth silky skin!
Hunters, you’ve sharpened your skills, you have this next 1 of the final 2 times before hunting season comes to a close.
You’ve had your prey in sight, fantasies in thought, slow your breath, peek into the cross hairs with a calm confident aim be ready to mount your prize!
Be Tarzan, bring your Jane, “swing” through the forest of beauty on this night we bring!
No matter what you choose, in true Lust AZ fashion “Dare to be Noticed!” and do it with passion!
Zoodinism- let the animal out in you!

Over 350 Guests Attended our Last Party!!
We are going to limit this party to 300 guests and expect to sellout.
$20 for the First 10 Couples
Single Ladies are FREE

Book Now and Save Cash.

Please click on the button below to get your passes. Only a few “VIP Bottle Service” are available so reserve yours today!

8:00pm – 2:00am

The Palace – Phoenix

It's almost party time.......

Purchase your tickets early .......... Don't miss out!!

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Havasu Plush After Parties Powered By: Lust AZ

09/15/2022 –


2:00am – Close

The Island Inn – Havasu

Plush Lake Havasu 2022 host hotel “Nautical Resort” is SOLD OUT!

Thank you to all that booked early!


… don’t be silly, you know we wont stop at that! … no no!

So, now we bring you the Lust AZ sponsored “Island Inn Hotel! Yep! They are now taking room reservations.

Island Hotel Room Booking – (928) 680-0606

Say “PLUSH” when making your room reservations. It’s just a short walk across from the Nautical where all the fun will still be happening.

Lust AZ will be hosting after parties all weekend with a whole lot of sexiness, good music and beautiful humans from all over!

This will be a weekend you don’t want to miss!

Sing it with me, “We are family!”

In true Lust AZ spirit…

you better ….

“Dare to be Noticed!”
#fancyasfuck #plushlife #flauntit #lust4life #lustaz 

2:00am – Close

The Island Inn – Havasu

Are you ready????

This is an event you won't wanna miss !!! .......... Click that button now to book!

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FangBanger's Ball 2022- Halloween Party Powered By: Lust AZ


8:00pm – 2:00am

The Palace – Phoenix

Lust AZ Presents: 

FangBanger’s Ball 2022

The sexiest Halloween party in all of Arizona

☆- 6hr party Halloween Extravaganza- (Doors Open @ 8pm)

☆- 6700sqft of Party N Play

☆- VIP table with bottle service available now at

☆- Upscale, Easy, Central, Clean, SAFE

☆- SEXY, SCARY, EROTIC, body taping, erotic exhibitions entertainment 

☆- Sexy pole dancing contest with BIG PRIZES and multiple winners – 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

☆- Early haunted cocktails specials (8pm – 9pm 1st hour cheap cocktails) 

☆- Sexy costume contest with BIG PRIZES and multiple winners – 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

☆- Multiple rooms with DJ’s

☆- The echelon of top DJ’s from all over the western hemisphere 

☆- Discounted luxury suites and secluded pool just steps from the venue 

☆- 1,000sqft play area

☆- After hours party with special guest DJ (TBA)

☆- VIP exotic car red carpet reservations available now – 

call (949) 412-7265

And still more to be announced for this event! 

#lustaz #lifestyle #flauntit #livelifewithoutlimits

8:00pm – 2:00am

The Palace – Phoenix

It'll be Halloween before you know it...

Please join us at the sexiest Halloween party around ! Book now....... Don't miss out!

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